Rosalia Lombardo’s Sister

Rosalia Lombardo’s Sister

If you’ve read or watched me before you’ll know that I love to travel and also have a fascination with strange cultural traditions and religious practices.  Rosalia Lombardo introduced me to a whole world of morbid and strange traditions that result in the preservation of bodies for various purposes.

You see, Rosalia is a two year old little girl who is also a nearly 100 year old mummy.  She is best known for her stunning beauty and sleep-like appearance which has given her the nick name Sleeping Beauty.  The strangest part about her though, is that she was purposely mummified by her grieving father to be placed in the Capuchin Catacombs and displayed for all eternity.

Going to see Rosalia was my first experience walking amongst the dead- literally.  But what’s interesting about these dead, is they desired to be walked amongst.  To them, being displayed in this manner allowed them to spend time with their loved ones, be held at high esteem and have an immortal connection to the living.

I’ve done an entire piece on Rosalia and the  Capuchin Catacombs already and you can read that here.

You can also watch my video about the catacombs here.

But, today, I want to talk about Rosalia Lombardo’s sister whose name also happens to be Rosalia Lombardo.  Why? Because a lot of you have asked if I know anything about her.

The truth is, not many people do.

What We Know

Rosalia Lombardo’s sister was born in 1925, but Rosalia (the first one) died in 1920. Obviously, Rosalia (1925) was named in honor of her deceased sister.  From the time Rosalia was little her parents reportedly took her to visit her sister in her glass casket amongst the other residents of the catacombs.  They would sit with her and visit for sometimes hours.  She is said to have continued those visits on her own coming to the catacombs in Palermo every day from Rome.

This particular account is impossible as in our modern age, it takes over ten hours to drive or an hour to fly from Rome to Palermo.  But, it’s a sort of romantic story isn’t it?  A love so strong that the sister that bears the deceased’s name travels hours every day….

Another, more realistic accounts say that Rosalia went and visited her deceased sister every other weekend from Rome and not only created a bond with her, but with the monks who resided there.

Either way, we know Rosalia was loyal and full of love for her sister whom she never got the chance to meet.

What We Think We Know

Besides, this information, the only other thing we have heard rumors on regarding Rosalia’s sister, is a supposed letter written by her in July of 2011, after National Geographic took pictures of Rosalia (the mummy). This is what it said.

“Dear Sirs, respectable authorities, my name is Rosalia Lombardo, I was born in Gaeta, on September 15, 1925, and i’m sister of Rosalia Lombardo, the famed mummy now kept at the Capuchin catacombs of Palermo.
I have the honor, with this letter, to bring to your attention some facts that, in my humble opinion, are incredible and have deeply touched my sensibilities as a sister of the departed.
Every day I see on different television channels and on every public and private networks, people discussing about my sister with references to events and situations, nothing short of “surreal” and also means using petty, but to audiences, which includes the implementation in wave picture of my deceased parents and my daughter Rosanna La Ferla and this systematically happens without due authorization.To all this I would add that the last time I saw my sister, in 2007, her body looked wonderful, the color of her skin was worthy the reputation that made her famous throughout the world.Unfortunately I have to point out that one day I’ve found out that the creature who seemed asleep for so long, now seems another person: she has different hairs, her eyes are now half open and the beautiful color of her skin has become strange … it seems tarnished!

And you want to know how did all this happen? Want to know who has irreparably ruined my little sister? I know, and when I tried, through my lawyers, to obtain justice on the whole story, have been ignored, threatened, and “invited” to shut up!

But since I have only a few years of life, considering my old age, me and my daughter Rosanna are not afraid of anyone and we have nothing to fear and we want to say the “whole truth” on this sorrowful event that “all”, including institutions, covered up until now.

Sending you all the echo of my pain because i hope to open a gate to the possibility that my sister can return that creature that has been admired from all over the world, and not a victim of poor body experiments that have irreparably compromised her body.
Please, listen to me and to my daughter Rosanna in sign of respect for my family and for little Rosalia!
Thanks for your attention. “

If the letter was truthfully written by the sister, it indicates that she blames National Geographic for ruining her sister’s body by exposing it to air. 

Other records do seem to back this up, but they’re hard to verify.  One official-looking document from 2012, seemed to indicate that Rosalia filed an official complaint against National Geographic with the country.  That same report said that since Rosalia was property of Italy, and was not technically “owned” by her sister, it was unclear what would come of the complaint or if anything would be done.

Now, let me state again, those official-looking documents aren’t verified to be real, but they’re

the only clues I could find on the internet. 

Another thing to note, is that National Geographic supposedly got the right to research Rosalia BECAUSE she was decaying. Supposedly, the glass of her coffin had broken a few times in the past, and unskilled monks and resealed it, but the air that was being let in had begun to affect her preservation.  In 2009 National Geographic got the rights to come in and take pictures and X-Rays and study Rosalia before she was transferred into a new nitrogen chamber to keep her best preserved.  National Geographic has claimed that they never took the glass off of Rosalia or did anything else to damage her.

While I tried to research the genealogy of Rosalia Lombardo to see if she’s still alive (she would be 93) and if she had kids or grand kids that I could learn about, but I couldn’t find much.  Most of the Rosalia Lombardo’s I did find, were born in the 1800’s which was too early. So that’s pretty all we know about Rosalia Lombardo’s sister.

In essence, the only thing we know for sure is that Rosalia existed and that she loved her sister.  The rest is really just speculation at this point.

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20 Easy Ways to Save Money

20 Easy Ways to Save Money

Money Tips

1. Get A New Savings Account

You know the saying “out of sight, out of mind”, and that’s the theory of getting a new savings account at another bank.  By putting your money somewhere you can’t quickly transfer it to checking you’ll be far less likely to spend it.

2. Give Your New Savings Account A Name

What do you want from your saved money? An international trip? To open your own business?  Buy a new car?  Name your savings account after your goal to remind yourself of what you’re saving for.

3. Get  A New Checking Account

My bank recently started charging me $10 because my deposits weren’t $2,000 EACH…. Like sorry I get paid weekly but…. BYE!

If your bank account is charging you ridiculous feeds leave them!

4. Try Using Only Cash For A Month

Anytime I feel like I need a money reality check I like to do an envelope budget for at least a month.  Essentially, you just label some envelopes 1-31 to represent the days of the month and put the money you’ll need in each envelope. If I don’t spend one day’s allowance, it gets passed onto the next day’s envelope.  Otherwise, when I’ve spent it- it’s gone.  No touching the bank (I even make sure big payments are set on autopay so I have no excuse to touch the account).

Eating Tips

5. Make Your Own Fancy Cultured Drinks

If you’re a Kombucha addict or you eat a lot of other cultured foods you’ll know that those foods can be really expensive.  You can save a lot of money by getting your own culture and learning how to make your own fancy Kombucha drinks.

6. Have Friends Over Instead of going out

Instead of going out to eat all the time, try inviting your friends over.  You can always do simple foods so you don’t have to really cook, or even do a potluck style and have everyone bring a dish.

7. Get Yourself Some Damn Tupperware…

Stop eating out.  Invest in some durable and versatile containers to take your own food and drinks with you.  To be honest, I bought the containers I wanted, but never started making the food, so I’m a culprit of not succeeding at this one as well! But, I’m trying to make progress this year and it WILL save me money.

8. Eat Clean

I best you never though eating clean could save you money, but guess what, it can!

Bills & Debt

9. Refinance?

Although I typically don’t recommend refinancing, it doesn’t hurt to shop around and see if you can find any great rates.

10. Getting a New Cash Back Card

If you can manage your money and pay off your cards every month you might want to consider a cash back card with at least a 2% flat amount back and you can be collecting the cash.  However, like I already mentioned this only works if you PAY YOUR CARDS OFF EVERY MONTH.  Otherwise you’re just racking up the bills.

11. Negotiate Your Bills

Any long term recurring monthly bill can be negotiated. Many companies give their sales people the liberty to knock your price down.  I’ve called my cell phone provider about three times in the last month and each time the sales people knock a few bucks off my bill… Which is ironic because it’s not what I called about. But, hey! I’ll take it.

12. Ask About Average Usage Billing

Call your power and gas providers and see if they offer average user billing.  Average user billing means your energy bill won’t fluctuate which will help with budgeting.


13. Sales Only

If you’re looking for a larger item like furniture or a very specific item, you can probably find it on sale at some point as long as you plan ahead and are patient.  For instance, school supplies (which doubles as office supplies) is on sale after school starts in the fall.

14. Book People- I See You!

Books are amazing, I totally feel you on that, but instead of buying books, check out your local library.   In some cases if they don’t’ have the book you want they will order it for you!

15. Netflix &…

I get it, we all like to be entertained, and I don’t have a problem with a cheap Netflix option over cable. However, if you’re signed up to Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Showtime… you’re spending too much on entertainment.  All of those little prices add up to BIG prices.

16. Use Kayak Explore

If you love taking vacations, use something like Kayak explore to find the best deals at the best times of the year and don’t be as picky.  You’ll still get to see an amazing part of the world and you’ll save a lot of money.

17. Be Thrifty

Used items can be found everywhere from Facebook, to Craigslist to wait for it… actual thrift stores.  In many cases you can get lots of things used for steep discounts.  The only thing to watch for is that you’re not getting those “vintage” prices.

18. Sell Your Used Goodies

There are many platforms you can sell your used clothes and other items on.  It really only takes a few minutes to list them and you could be MAKING some money.  So don’t be lazy.

19. Use a Cash Back Service

There are many services that offer cash back on your purchases. One of the most famous is Ebates.

20. Repair Your Own Clothes

Most people can learn to sew on a button or patch a small hole…. I may not be one of those people, but for the rest of you, it’s a great money saving tip!

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Using a Derma Roller for Cellulite

Using a Derma Roller for Cellulite

If you’ve been anywhere as of late, you’ve probably heard of derma rollers or micro needling as a skin treatment, but recently there’s been a lot of to-do about derma rollers being used to get rid of cellulite.  While I think derma rollers are a great skin tool for rejuvenating the skin, I want to be realistic about how (and if) it can work for cellulite.

The Truth about Cellulite

Here’s the deal about cellulite, most people think cellulite is simply pockets of fat under your skin. More recently however, several doctors, including plastic surgeons, have said that cellulite is really fat being pushed through pieces of tangled tissue know as fascia.  You know those stress balls that you squeeze

and all the goo goes through the holes… same concept. Unfortunately, doesn’t really matter if you’re fat or skinny either.  Cellulite affects a lot of women because it has to do with the makeup of connective tissues.

So how might a derma roller help with this situation?

Derma rollers work by leaving small micro-cuts in the skin.  Those small cuts stimulate collagen and tissue repair.  This is why the derma roller is so famous for making the skin look younger and repairing small scars and such.  However, because cellulite is caused from- essentially gaps in connective tissue at a deep level, there’s little to suggest derma rollers will work for cellulite reduction and I would be cautious in trusting claims that it works.

Other Options for Treating Cellulite

A couple years ago, before it became really popular, I learned of the Fascia Blaster. I was actually looking for a way to repair a sports injury when I found it.  A bunch of ladies had a LOT of success getting rid of the appearance of cellulite using it because it works on the premise of loosening bound fascia which allows it to go back to its proper place and thus the fat smooths out.  I tried it for several months and had some really amazing results with it for both my injury and getting rid of the appearance of cellulite.  With that being said, it took a lot of time and the results only last as long as you continue blasting at least a couple times a week (much like the results of a massage only last for a short period of time).  Did it work? Yes.  Was it worth the time and energy?  It depends on how bad you hate your cellulite! Obviously, do your own research if you’re interested in trying the blaster, but it did the trick for me.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend derma rollers for cellulite and I would be skeptical of any company that does as the science doesn’t really work.  With that being said, I haven’t tried it for myself, but after hearing of this trend going around I wanted to take a few minutes and write about why It sounds like one of those “too good to be true” situations.

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Cute Inspirational Quotes

Cute Inspirational Quotes

Everyone in my life knows that I’m a sucker for quotes.

So today I thought I would make some cute quote pictures with some of my favorite cute inspirational quotes for 2018!

1. “Life Is Like Riding A Bicycle, To Keep Your Balance You Must Keep Moving” – Albert Einstein

3. “Shoot For The Moon And Even If You Miss You’ll Be Among The Stars” – Donnie Simpson

3. “Like Shrinks Or Expands In Proportion To Ones Courage” -Anais Ninpson

4. “You’ll Never Have This Day Again, So Make It Count”

5. “Life Is Tough My Darling, But So Are You”

6. “She Believed She Could, So She Did”

7. “Coffee In One Hand, Confidence In The Other”

8. “Broken Crayons Still Color”

9. “It’s Kind Of Fun To Do The Impossible”

10. “I Can And I Will. Watch Me”

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The Benefits Of Being Vulnerable

The Benefits Of Being Vulnerable

This year I started a personal Youtube channel and boyyyy has it been a journey.

But, what initially attracted me to Youtube, wasn’t what you might think, it wasn’t the potential to make money, or fame or any of that.  It was  actually the vulnerability of many creators that I had watched.  Vulnerable people is why I think Youtube has become so mainstream.  People are tired of seeing perfect untouchable celebrities.

Up until I started watching Youtube though, I’d never really thought about vulnerability being a positive trait.  But, watching people not only admit their flaws, but celebrate their humanity, was really refreshing.

The vulnerability many creators offer, helps you see how absolutely normal your own issues are and what a relief that is!

Since this discovery, I’ve been thinking more and more about how being vulnerable and open with more people is actually beneficial for us to practice as well.

So, without further ado, here are some reasons being vulnerable is beneficial:

  1. Being vulnerable and being self-confident go hand-in-hand, so when you practice being vulnerable, you have to consciously be more self-confident.
  2. You’ll attract the right people into your life. When you fear being open with people you’re really fearing rejection. In some cases, rightly so.  But, isn’t it better to be rejected, move on and find people who you can have deeper, meaningful relationships with?
  3. You will be more empathetic. Accepting our own faults and limits enables us to better understand and empathize with others.
  4. You will discover more about yourself. When you become comfortable accepting that perfection isn’t possible and stop trying to live a perfect life, you open yourself up to discovering more about who you actually are.
  5. You’ll be stronger. Being open about your imperfections and flaws takes courage, time and practice.  Being vulnerable to the world takes a strong person, not a weak one.

I hope, if anything, you take some time today to think about ways you can be more open and vulnerable and honest with yourself and the people in your life.  After all, we only have one life to live! Cheers!

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