By: Sara Walker

Social work has changed my life, both as a person who often accesses services and as a professional who administers them. It is a career path that offers so much back to us, individually and in communities. But it isn’t always talked about when people talk about what they want to do for the rest of their lives. So, here are five reasons that you might consider going into social work

  1. It feels good to support others

Watching individuals live the lives that they want and knowing that you were a small part of how they got there is so rewarding. It isn’t always perfect and it definitely is not always easy, but it is so exciting. When someone calls you with a question or are in need of support in some way and you can help facilitate that, you are making a significant impact at a vulnerable point in their life. This means everything.

  1. You get to enjoy people

It is called “Social Work” for a reason. You literally are constantly talking to people. For a social person, this is quite a dream. For someone who isn’t very social, this can be a nightmare. So, if you’re a social butterfly and like learning about others and listening to them talk about their lives, this may be the career path for you.

  1. You can work with so many different groups of people

All people are in need of support. This is the best part about the career path- you can work with old people, young people, immigrants, people with disabilities, infants, and all other groups of people. So you’re never bored. If you have outgrown a specific area of social work, you move onto the next group of people to learn about and support. It is always fascinating.

  1. Consistent work

Unfortunately for communities, people are always in need of support. There will always be people who need help finding jobs, need caregivers, need counseling, and other supports. If you go into this work, you will always find a job opportunity somewhere.

  1. Good benefits in the public sector

If you are able to find a job for your state of federal government, you might never make millions of dollars, but you will always have access to paid time off, medical benefits, retirement plans,and a decent living wage. This will allow you to do the things that you want on your time off. I am currently planning a Costa Rica honeymoon for two weeks and it is because I have access to a lot of paid time off that some of my other friends in other career paths do not have. For that I am truly grateful.


If you aren’t deciding to go back to college for a new career that is completely acceptable! Maybe this article just offered you more information about what social work is. Maybe it made you interested in a career change. If so, that’s great. I hope these five reasons gave you more to consider!