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Have you ever experienced a time where you are just so stressed out that you are fed up and you wish you had some easy way to help you calm down?

Well I have a solution for you!

I have curated a list of awesome apps that can help you de-stress, and stay mindful throughout the day.

Mindfulness and living intentionally has been proven to help reduce stress, and anxiety on a daily basis.

It can be hard trying to practice mindfulness every single day when you first begin, but after you get going it’s a world-changing practice.

So, without further ado, here are five apps to help keep you mindful.

Headspace is a great app if you want daily reminders for practicing meditation and inspirational quotes.


The app is available on both the Apple and Android app store. It is free at the start, and has in-app purchases once you complete the beginner friendly meditation course.


There are different areas you can focus on in the app from sleep, anxiety, stress, and even panic attacks. The main voice of the meditations is an Australian man.


If the accent is soothing to your ears, then I would definitely recommend this app.


The color scheme and characters in the app only help in creating a calm, and fun environment (and amazingly easy interface to use).


If an Australian narrator isn’t your jam, try out Buddhify.  Buddhify is a wonderful meditation app. They specifically work around a busy lifestyle, so they have sections for if you just need a 10 or 20 minute meditation break.


There are no monthly the majority of the content. Plus this app was created by a married couple! What better way to bond than over a passion project.


What is great about this app is that each meditation is categorized by what you are doing or how you are feeling so you get a tailored experience.

If meditation apps aren’t your thing then you can try Stop, Breathe & Think. This app forces you to stop for a 5 minutes, be present, and do short activities to help you practice mindfulness.

They have a few guided meditations that are free but most of their content requires a membership of $5 a month. They include yoga videos, and multiple activities to help you take care of your emotional wellness.


Try this app out to help ease your stress and take charge of caring for you emotional wellness.

Moving on to Aura, you’ll find that this app has numerous options for practicing mindfulness. They have 3-20 minute guided meditations, nature sounds for solo meditation, and short stories if you need a little extra inspiration.


Let’s not forget about the Life Coaching sessions, Melodious music, and a gratitude tracker. To get the most use out of the app, there is a monthly membership of $12.

The last app on our list is Mindfulness Daily. This app centers around giving you mindfulness lessons at crucial parts of your day: morning, middle of the day, and before bed.

The app is out on IOS, but they are currently working on pushing out an Android version.

Practicing mindfulness can be hard to achieve when you lead a busy lifestyle. But if you are serious about reducing your stress and anxiety, the first step is to try one of the apps listed above.

If you can learn to check in with yourself and take inventory of your emotions throughout the day, you can figure out triggers for your stress and anxiety and work around them or eliminate them from your daily routine.

The key to making sure mindfulness works for you is to adjust your schedule to make it a priority. These 5 apps will definitely help with keeping a consistent schedule for you to de-stress and live a more intentional life.

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