$15 Cash Back With A $30 Ulta?… I’m In!

$15 Cash Back With A $30 Ulta?… I’m In!

I’m not someone opposed to Monday (workaholics unite!), but I am someone always looking for a good deal… especially in the makeup and beauty department.  Well, thanks to the overbearing opinion of the general population that Monday sucks, RetailMeNot has a “Make My Monday” series.  This week’s Monday deal ($15 cash back for online purchases of $30 site wide) is actually one I’ll be using too!

If you check the wording one of the coolest things about the deal is that it’s SITEWIDE, meaning you can browse the sales section and then get 50% back on the already on sale item(s).   The only sucky part of the deal is that it’s for today only, so you’ll need to hop on it if you’re interested in it.

Here’s how to claim the deal:

STEP 1: Turn off any ad-blocking software.

STEP 2: Go to this link to download the RetailMeNot browser extension (similar to Honey or other coupon extensions).  It’s called Genie.

STEP 3: Go to Ulta.com and when you go to checkout it will automatically give you a chance to create a RetailMeNot account to activate the 15% back.

STEP 4: Once you’ve signed up, head back to Ulta if not automatically redirected, and continue your checkout. (Note:  RetailMeNot says that it will take up to 20 days for you to see the cash back in your account).

What I bought:

I decided to go with the Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 because I’ve been really interested in skincare lately and I have no idea where to start so… why not with a peel that’s on sale, and I’ll get $15 back?  Sounded like a good plan to me. 


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10 Easy & Delicious Recipes to Make This Fall

10 Easy & Delicious Recipes to Make This Fall

Don’t you just love the cool that comes with autumn? Sure, it’s tough kissing summer and its rays goodbye, but you just have to admit – there are so much reasons to look forward to this sweater weather!

From the eye pleasantries in foliage to the fancy clothing choices you can make, it’s hard not to love the season – not to mention the delicious fall ingredients you can cook up to match the already Instagram-worthy surroundings!

Once you’ve got that fall fashion, get ready to hit the kitchen and feast on these tasty must-eats!

  1. Caramel Apple Spice

You might want to skip your regular trip to Starbucks for this one – how about a homemade Caramel Apple Spice to put your barista skills to the test? Enjoy this merry mix of cinnamon, apple, and caramel in the comfort of your home!


  1. Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

How about something hearty in that eye-catching butternut squash color? Get a taste of the season’s produce sprinkled with rosemary and thyme that the whole family can enjoy – maybe even as Thanksgiving appetizer!


  1. Pumpkin Alfredo

Here’s something quick and easy to prep on a weeknight without the calories of a regular Alfredo sauce.  The velvety rich and smooth richness of the pumpkin in the cream tastes amazing minus the guilt!


  1. Autumn Overnight Oats

Let these autumn-inspired healthy eats take over your breakfast table after Thanksgiving! After all the holiday indulgence, start a clean gut with pumpkin pie, cinnamon apple, banana bread, or a creative mix of the season’s flavors you can come up with on your own.


  1. Apple Cranberry Bread

This apple-and-cranberry duo is just begging to be baked! Fill your home with the scent of this guilt-free bite that you can pair up with your morning brew.


  1. Apple Fries with Caramel Cream Dip

Another way to cozy up on a lazy fall weekend is to make a warm, crisp snack sprinkled with cinnamon. No shame, ladies – go ahead and drink pumpkin spice to this tasty treat!


  1. One-Pan Pork Chops with Apples and Onions

Not only does apples and onions sound good – they even taste well-balanced together with herbs and bone-in pork chops! You can even throw in horseradish mashed potatoes with caramelized onions on the side.


  1. Caramel Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwich

How about everyone’s favorite comfort food infused with flavors of fall? This combo may sound odd, but you can let your taste buds be the judge to that.


  1. Fall Harvest Honeycrisp Apple and Kale Salad

Why not toss in the best produce of autumn in a bowl? Combine shredded kale, sweet honeycrisp apples, pumpkin seeds, and pomegranate with caramelized shallot vinaigrette and you have yourself a festive goodness!


  1. Smashing Pumpkin Cocktail

End Thanksgiving with a craft cocktail made from pumpkin ale, fall spices, and equal parts of spiced rum and butterscotch schnapps! Drink easy – there’s a different warmth to this concoction!


Welcome fall with glad tummies!

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Mark Your Holiday Calendars: Netflix Is Releasing a Sequel to “A Christmas Prince.”

Mark Your Holiday Calendars: Netflix Is Releasing a Sequel to “A Christmas Prince.”

Christmas came early! Netflix is upping its game this year, by bringing you not one, but three holiday films (A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, The Holiday Calendar and The Princess Switch)! According to the Entertainment weekly who had the privilege to get a sneak preview of Netflix’s festive lineup, there is so much to look forward to, including a loyal wedding!

A Christmas Prince, Netflix’s fan-favorite holiday film, will get a sequel going by the name A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. This follow-up film will pick up 12 months after Amber (Rose Mclver) helped Prince Richard (Ben Lamb) secure the crown. The two lovebirds are set to be married in a royal Christmas wedding; but alas, their plans are laid on the line when Amber finds herself doubting if she got what it takes to become a queen. What’s more: Richard, on the other hand, wrestles with a political crisis that could ruin the festive season as well as the kingdom’s future. So, will the wedding proceed as planned? Well, prepare yourself because this is certainly going to be a bumpy watch!

In the movie, The Princess Switch, which starts streaming on Nov 16th, Vanessa Hudgens plays Margaret, the beautiful Duchess of Montenaro, who mysteriously switches places with a commoner called Stacy ( who happens to look a lot like her), a week before Christmas. However, things get complicated when Margaret gets infatuated by Stacy’s good-looking co-worker, while Stacy becomes inseparable with Margaret’s fiancé, the handsome Prince.

If royalty isn’t your thing, Netflix still has got you covered. They will also be showing another exciting movie titled The Holiday Calendar, which stars Kat Graham. The movie, out Nov. 2, centers on Graham, a photographer, who inherits a historic advent calendar which was believed to foretell about the future.

Unquestionably, holiday movie enthusiasts will have something to keep their eyes busy this November.

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If You Love the Unknown, the Supernatural, Aliens, Or Murder Mysteries, Than This Podcast Is Perfect For You

If You Love the Unknown, the Supernatural, Aliens, Or Murder Mysteries, Than This Podcast Is Perfect For You

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I’m a skeptic when it comes to a lot a things… like aliens for instance.

However, being a skeptic is what made listening to Wild Thing, so fun. 

Wild Thing is the child of Laura Krantz, a radio journalist, who was surprised to find out that her grandfather’s cousin was anthropologist and a pioneer in Bigfoot research.  Interest sparked, Laura set out to learn more about the mysterious world of Bigfoot and the result of that quest, is Wild Thing. 

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Wild Thing is all about Bigfoot.  From Bigfoot research, and researchers, to science, legends, pop culture, myths and a host of other Bigfoot related topics.

As a skeptic herself, Krantz approaches Bigfoot from a place of science, such as evolution, and through the personal experiences of professional outdoors-men and biologists.

Wild Thing currently boasts nine episodes, with bonus installments- including one with Virginia Wade, a Bigfoot erotica writer, who at her peek was making $20,000 a month.  If that doesn’t make you want to listen, I don’t know what will!

Even after creating Wild Thing, Krantz is unconvinced that Bigfoot exists, but she states “I certainly hope Bigfoot is out there”.

If you’re ready to give it a listen you can dive in here.

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Is This The End Of The Deciem Drama?

Is This The End Of The Deciem Drama?

In the beauty industry, the corporation Deciem has long been known for its affordable high quality products and unique and innovated marketing strategy.  But, they’re also known for their drama thanks to CEO and founder Brandon Truaxe. 

Now, I personally have yet to try one of the Deciem brands, such as The Ordinary, or Niod. But since their inception, they’ve been cult-favorites and the older I get the more tempted I’ve been to try them.  Every time I’m about to place an order however, drama erupts. And if you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that last week Truaze announced the closing of Deciem and all of its brands.

(don’t worry they’re back open now)

But how on earth did a cult-favorite beauty company get to this point of insanity?

Here’s how…

In 2013, Deciem was launched (later becoming the corporation behind 10 cult-favorite beauty brands).

In August 2016, Deciem released The Ordinary which was a line of minimalistic, simplistic, yet high quality skin care products. This was the microbrand that blew up in the beauty world. And for good reason. Just to give you an idea of their pricing, you could get a bottle of retinoid serum for less than $10.  That kind of pricing was unheard of in the beauty industry.

In June 2017 Estee Lauder began investing in Deciem and became a shareholder with a 28 percent stake.

In January 2018, drama began to unfold when people noticed that The Ordinary was running ads making fun of their competitor Drunk Elephant.  Right after that controversy settled down Truaxe, began his crazy Instagram habit that arguably almost killed his brand. On the 24th of January he made the announcements that he would be canceling the marketing plans of Deciem for the future and will be talking to customers directly.

In February 2018, Truaxe announced on Instagram that he would no longer go by CEO and would instead go by “worker”.  His reasoning for this change of title was that “responsible people don’t need a CEO”.  Right after this, news of difficult working conditions including yelling emerged and more controversy and drama erupted online.  Then on the 4th of February, Truaxe posted a series of videos showing litter and publically announced the end of the Decium’s partnership with “Peter of Mong Packaging”.  He also offered a job at Decium to Peter of Mong Packaging on Instagram.  A couple of days later Truaxe used Instagram to talk about ending Deciem’s partnership with Dr. Tijion Esho-cosmetic surgeon.  When Elle interviewed Dr Esho later, he said that he never received payment or an official documented end of partnership while working with Decium.    In addition to all of the public Instagram drama, Truaxe also let go his co-CEO of 5 years because she did not “subscribe to peaceful values”.

Obviously February was a rough month for Deciem, but the drama didn’t end there.  In March 2018, Truaxe goes on Instagram to report a “racist” incident at the Ham Yard Hotel and threatens legal action.  He also states that he has “allocated $100,000 to promote this post on Facebook and Instagram”.  Two days later a piece is penned by David Yi asking if the Ordinary is “the Donald Trump of beauty”. 

In April, a photo of a man who appeared homeless outside of a Deciem location was posted on Instagram, causing internet drama.  Following the drama of the day, Truaxe let go of the ENTIRE U.S-based corporate staff. Was the photo a inkling of the firing to come?  Who knows.

 At the end of April, Truaxe posted two Instagram videos saying he was concerned about his safety and asking his followers to contact the police for him. A day after this incidence he posts another video in response to those concerned about his mental health saying those who believe he had metal health issues were “idiots”.

From April until October nothing major really happened, other than the ex-CEO being returned to her position.

Then on October 8th, Truaxe posted a video on Instagram geotagged with “The White House” announcing the shutdown of Decium due to “Major criminal activity” of “almost everyone” “which includes financial crimes and much others.”

 He then continued by saying “You have no idea what a solider I’ve been… for more than 13 years, I’ve been made fun of as a porn actor, as a fucking drug dealer… it’s all ending now.”   The Instagram video tagged a large group of people from George Clooney to Too Face, To British Beauty Blogger Caroline Hirons.

The Deciem’s website was then replaced with an entirely red screen.

Obviously with these announcements the beauty world went crazy.  But on October 11th, Truaxe posted screenshots from Mark Gelowitz and Estee Lauder showing terms that had been violated and the shareholder agreements.

On October 12th, an injunction was officially granted and Truaxe was removed as the company’s CEO.

As of today, websites have been reinstated and most of the closed stores have been reopened.

So, the only question that remains: Is the drama with the Deciem finally over? 

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