Why I Would Never Read Your Blog

Why I Would Never Read Your Blog

Here’s the truth, I’m not a huge “blog” reader.  I just don’t have time, but even so, there are some blog that I constantly turn up and turn in for. Why? Because those blogs offer value to me.  That’s the key to running a successful blog.  Create content that offers value to your audience.  Yes, there were some people back in the day, who created relationships with their audience through stories and blogging their life, but the ones who really stayed strong and remain today are the ones who constantly offered value to their audience.

What does offering value look like?  One example would be that if you’re a lifestyle blogger showing your new wardrobe, giving style tips, and telling people where to go shopping to get your look is much more valuable than just showing off your new wardrobe.

Now, while the core of building a readership and keeping people interested in your blog is adding value, even the most value packed blog can be a turn off. So here are some other reasons you might lose me with you blog.



I’m all about girl bosses and people making a living online.  My literal blog motto is “helping girls live their best lives!” and I definitely believe blogging can do just that. However, if I feel like you’re exploiting your readers through ads I’ll definitely be turned off to them.

Now, I’m not talking about a moderate number of ads dispersed appropriately throughout your site, but you know the sites I’m talking about.  The ones where every square inch is filled with ads and you get an add popup on every new page you visit.  I’m most likely going to click off of that site pretty fast!


Unfortunately, looks matter.  The first impression I have of your blog might be the difference in whether I come back or trust your page.  Now, there are some ghetto pages that offer tons of value I trust them and I will come back. But, that’s a pretty rare occurrence.  Most of the time if a site isn’t aesthetically pleasing I’ll question the value that’s being offered.  Is this person actually knowledgeable? Can I trust them? In addition, is the site pleasant to be on? Do you use some weird background color, or font that’s hard to read?  Know your audience and make sure your aesthetic is pleasing to that audience! A general rule of thumb is that you want your content to shine!


On the same note, your site should be highly useable.  Make the layout obvious, and easy to navigate.  Think of your user and make sure your sites fits their needs. A good way to do this, especially if you’re not a designer, is to focus on using a minimalist theme.   Like I said above, always keep your content the shining star of your site.  This means making headlines and font readable, content easy to find.


To me one of the absolute worst things is when I find a site that advertises one thing, but doesn’t deliver.  For instance “One simple trick to lose weight fast” and then you find out its diet and exercise…. Those clickbait headlines make me click, but then I click off rather quickly and also lose a lot of faith in the website and the author who was more concerned about views, than their audience.  Blogs can become blacklisted if they offer these bait and switch titles and content really quickly!


While you shouldn’t be blogging about yourself and offering zero value, you also shouldn’t write like a Buzzfeed.  Your personality should still be present in your writing.  If your site offers the same value as another site, but I can connect to you as a reader, you’ll win me over! Generic blogs, I’ll take the value I’m looking for and probably never return! Personality builds loyalty.


Now, just keeping it real, if I like your content, please make it easy for me to consume! This means posting it on social media and doing roundups of helpful targeted content via newsletters at the end of the week.  If I sign up for your newsletter it means I WANT your content to be hand delivered.  Otherwise I realistically won’t frequently go back to your site.

Now obviously there are many, many things that can make me click away from a website (and to be fair there are probably many things that will make you click away from a blog), but now that you’re thinking along these lines hopefully you can go out and make the changes you need to make to get more readers on your site.

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Want To Become Smarter? Follow this Ritual…

Want To Become Smarter? Follow this Ritual…

Let me stop you right there. I know what you’re thinking, you think this is some long list of routines and books to help you be smarter, but it’s not. It’s only one thing and it only takes 15-30 minutes of your day.


Well, let me tell you about my grandpa first. Every time he gets slumped on a project from work, he takes a quick stroll through the neighborhood. And every time I asked him to help me with my homework, he asks if we could take a walk first, every time my grandma runs out of ideas for her painting he takes her out for a stroll in the park. And he’d always tell me there are 3 quick ways to solve a problem or a bump in the road, it’s either take a shot of whiskey, nap it away, or take a walk. Usually, the walk is the best choice.

If you haven’t guessed by now, the secret routine that’ll help you become smarter is walking. Not what you were expecting right?

Walking can be very therapeutic, and even a 5-minute walk outside can help lighten your mind or refresh your day. So, I started my grandfather’s routine by taking walks every day, be it early in the morning or when I get home from work, I make sure to include a little walking to my day.

Walking is not only good for your physical health, but also for your psychological and mental health. It’s a great way to clear your mind when everything starts to get too cluttered. Walking can benefit you a lot at work too. If you’ve been stuck on a project, take a short walk and think about your surroundings, the birds, the trees, and the garbage on the street.  Think of anything but your work.  When you get back, you’ll feel a refreshed to start working on your problems again. Studies show that walking outside to get some fresh air will increase your productivity two fold in comparison to people who don’t step away from their work. So go out for a walk and clear your head. The clearer your head is, the brighter your thoughts.

“Walking is man’s best medicine”-Hippocrates,

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How to Stay Healthy while Traveling

How to Stay Healthy while Traveling

Often times when traveling and exploring new places, food is really never taken out of the equation. How many times have you told yourself that you need to work out and diet after indulging on lot of delicacies after your vacation? I know I’m guilty of saying those phrases. There’s nothing wrong about treating yourself while traveling, but let me save you the worry and the stress when you come back home from with a few tips that’ll make your travels healthier.


Traveling involves a lot of walking but let’s face it, most of us take the an Uber to get to our destinations faster and to stick to the travel itinerary.  It’s all well and good to do that, but next time you’re traveling, schedule a stroll through the city to see the sights. Don’t be in such a hurry. A 15-minute work a day won’t hurt your schedule and you’ll get to see and experience the places more.

Stay Hydrated

Always bring a reusable water bottle with you, hydration is important and we tend to neglect water when traveling. Most tourist and travelers get sick on the road and on their way back just because of one simple issue, dehydration. This is easily avoidable. Even when your traveling always make sure drink the equivalent of 8 glasses a day.

Eat At Least One Healthy Meal A Day

When we’re at a new place, of course our first instinct is to try every new food we see. Obviously, you should absolutely try the food while you’re traveling, but try to balance out a rich meals with fruits, vegetables and other low calorie, high nutrient foods.  This will help you avoid getting sick too!  Since most places have markets with great local produce. You can get fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood and whole grains to take back to your room. If you have a microwave, or even full kitten you’ll be able to make all sorts of easy quick and healthy meals, but if not, I’ll often grab some vegetables or fruits for breakfast and lunch and then have dinner out.

Stick To Your Routines

Just because you’re not at home doesn’t mean you must neglect all your daily routines. If there’s something that makes you feel better morning or night (meditating, going for a run etc) do it! Making yourself a priority is important, even on vacation. Also, vacations can be stressful, so take the time to de-stress or meditate after a long day.

These are some super simple steps to stay healthier while on vacation!

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The Office Essentials You Need For Your Fab Home Office

The Office Essentials You Need For Your Fab Home Office

Working at home calls for a certain level or organization and self discipline. After all, the challenge of working at home, really, is to find a way to be productive in your private space. You have to get work done in the same space where you enjoy lounging, sleeping, eating and doing everything else.  

Note: Full list is down below 😉

But just because it seems challenging at first, doesn’t mean productivity is impossible to achieve at home. In fact, the key to being an effective home-based employee is to set up your own work space, complete with office essentials. This way, you can get easily shift from a relaxed, lazy mood, to a more productive one.

Here are a few things you’ll need for your fab home office:

Computer And Internet Connection

We’re living in the age of technology where almost everything can be done digitally. Having computer and internet connection are some of the most basic things you’ll need when working at home. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working on your own business, or for an employer, you’ll need to have a computer to help you keep track of tasks and coordinate with other people. While this might seem basic, depending on the work you do, you might want to create a custom work space such as having dual monitors. This can help make tasks so much easier to monitor and complete. Some home-based workers also invest on a much larger monitor that they can easily plug in to their laptops. While it’s not necessarily required, having a monitor with an even bigger display makes it easier to see everything on your screen. No need to squint and allows you to avoid having computer neck.

Planner, Sticky Notes And Pens

Even though you can do a lot of things on the internet, I personally work best on paper. For this reason I really like having a planner. Even if you’re not a paper person, I would highly recommend you have pens, paper and sticky notes quickly accessible.

I personally use the bullet journal method for a planner.

Simple planners are cheap on Amazon; PlanAhead 2018

My favorite notebook to do a bullet journey is: the dotted Leuchtturm 1917

Favorite pens: Faber Castel

Printer With Scanner

Having a printer with scanner machine is important especially if your work requires you to handle important documents and make business transactions. A trusty printer machine with scanner allows you to complete a lot of transactions without having to leave the comfort of your own house. Need to sign something? Just print the document, sign and then scan it back to them.

File Storage

File storage can come in handy regardless of whether or not you have paperless work. It can help you organize and properly keep all your documents such as work contract, pay slip, project details, tax records and even photos a videos for your own personal use!

I have this external hard drive, but you can also use a cloud-based storage system.

My external hard drive: WD 4TD Black My Passport


Just like working in an office space, having a work desk in your home office also allows you to have an organized workspace to function in. It helps you to easily shift into work mode, keeping your away from the distractions of everything else in your home.

I decided to get a desk that was wide enough I could put a miniature treadmill underneath for exercising opportunities.

Sufficient Lighting

Having good lighting in your work space can boost your motivation and mood. You can achieve the right lighting in two ways: natural light or artificial light. Natural light from the sun has been proven by studies to boost concentration, productivity and motivation at work. It can also improve your mood and sleeping schedule.

On the other hand, artificial light can also be beneficial for your work space. Having an adjustable desk lamp, proper overhead lighting or other forms of artificial lighting are the second best option.

Creative Bulletin Board

If you’re a graphic designer, animator, writer, or any sort of visual/writie type person, having a creative bulletin board/white board combo can help keep your creative juices flowing. It’s kind of like a tangible version of Pinterest that you can easily modify however you want to.

Found a thought-provoking quote or some captivating image? Throw it up!

My favorite bulletin board: White Board Cork Board Combo


While some employers will allow a cellphone, having a telephone line is often required by employers. So, keep that in mind while you set up your office area.

Cute Stuff

Whatever you do with your at home work space, remember you want to make it a comfortable, fun and functional space. Some of my favorite work décor include these:

Working at home allows you to work comfortably. But, it also makes it so much easier for you to get distracted and be idle. Having the items above in your workspace can help you stay focused and effective in your work.

You can add and remove a few things on this list depending on your work’s demands and personal preference. However, if you’re still lost and confused as to where to start in your home-based journey, I’d say having these office essentials can help a lot. Good luck!

The Full List:

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What to Pack For Your Next Hiking Adventure!

What to Pack For Your Next Hiking Adventure!

Spring is officially here which means that it’s time to start planning some jaunts outside.  While I love a good beach trip as much as the next girl, I also really love to get out and hike far into the woods. There’s something about being so far from everything and everyone that’s serene and peaceful and one of my favorite things on earth. It’s a good reminder that we’re really just little specks in a giant universe.

So, whether you’re new to hiking or you just haven’t gone out in a season or two here’s a list of my must-haves for your next hiking adventure.

Always pack rain gear (no matter the forecast)

Regardless of your outdoor activity, it’s important to always check the weather, but even when you do there’s a good chance you’ll run into some rain.  Or in a worst case scenario, you may need to stay somewhere overnight, and in that case, the rain gear will keep you off the potentially damp ground and add a layer of insulation.

Always stay hydrated, pack water with you

Obviously it’s important to pack water, but make sure you bring extra or if you’re on a trail that definitely has water, you can bring purifying tablets or a filter.  I’ve met people who have passed out while hiking due to dehydration because they underestimated how much water to drink. This is easily avoidable if you just stay hydrated. Before any hike, you should at least a drink at least a couple of glasses of water and avoid drinking diuretics, these are beverages that promote fluid loss. Examples of these are caffeinated drinks. During the hike you need to drink water every hour to replenish the fluids you lost from the hike.

Remember: Thirst is not an indicator for your state of hydration, so always drink more water than you think you need.

Wear Layers

It can get chilly on hikes, wearing layers protects you from the cold, and don’t worry if it gets warm or hot out, you can easily take off items to stay cool while walking, you can always add them back later on while you’re taking breaks or if you feel cold again. I prefer to wear quick dry with wool under layers.

Wear shoes suitable for hiking

I’m not going to lie I frequently break the golden rule and I wear running multipurpose workout shoes hiking.  However, the best option is to wear a pair of shoes with good traction and ankle support. Especially if you’re on a trail where there could be inclines, uneven footing, or rocks. Also throw an extra pair of socks and some moleskin in your bag, just in case.

Even the smallest things matter

And finally, here’s a checklist of things I never forget to pack on a hiking trip:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses – you can bring whatever type of sunglasses you want, but a pair that 100% UV-blocking is preferable
  • Snacks – If you’re out all day something that has a combination of sweet and salty is the best option. However if you’re just packing “emergency” snacks, pick something light, small and full of sugar (a few hard candies maybe)
  • Lunch
  • First Aid Kit
  • Rain coat or rain jacket
  • Tissues
  • A map and compass – don’t just rely on the apps on your phone, using a map and compass will give you the complete feel of the outdoor adventure.
  • Extra hair ties
  • Flashlight
  • Flint & Steel (only if you know how to use one)
  • Water bottles – It’s always good to bring extra water than bringing the minimum estimated amount.
  • Camera  – of course you’d want to take pictures and look back on your trip later on
  • National Park Passport – if you wanna make camping a monthly or yearly thing then this small book is perfect, it looks like an American Passport but it contains details and information about the national parks across the States, you can stamp in the date of the parks you visited.

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