How To Be A Successful Blogger | What I’ve Learned In My Time Online

How To Be A Successful Blogger | What I’ve Learned In My Time Online

I’ve always been attracted to the internet, like a fly attracted to honey…

Side note: What kind of flies are attracted to honey?  Aren’t they attracted primarily to poop, or dead animals?

Anyways, the internet has always been a fascination of mine.  When I was a little kid I picked up a “HTML for Dummies” book at the library and learned simple coding.  From there I progressed to building simple website, ranking those websites on Google using SEO, driving traffic, using advertising and social media and ultimately started becoming pretty well adept at how to use the internet to build businesses.

Ironically though, the businesses that I started and helped with were never branded with “me”.  They were brands of their own.  Faceless brands in big niches like fitness and health and makeup and lifestyle.

As time has gone by though, I’ve wanted more and more to build a brand based on myself and my philosophy of living life to the fullest, dreaming, be inspired, and most of all laughing and having fun.

I’ve wanted this for the last few years.

But for most of that time, I didn’t think it would ever happen because I was not personally “brandable”.

You see, most XX chromosome carrying humans have blog spreads that look like they could be out of a magazine. They have Instagram ready photos of perfect houses, amazing DIYs, delicious recipes, gorgeous makeup, and look like they spent the first 20 years of their life in fashion classes.  These women seemingly excel at perfection in areas that many of us, including myself, would love to be better at.

But, as much as I would like to BE them, I’m not.

You can tell me to stop wearing black, navy and brown together, but I’m still going to.  You can tell me to stop using dry shampoo for six days in a row, and I’m still going to.  You can tell me to stop making mac and cheese a primary meal, and I’m still going to.


Because somethings are just part of who I am, and while I might change them in the future, I’m not looking to change them to fit into the online blogging community or to be a better lifestyle blogger, because that’s not real or genuine.

This is where the dilemma was for such a long time. I wanted to brand myself, but I wasn’t a DIYer, or a Pinterest wiz.  I didn’t have the perfect healthy meals or body or house-and on top of that, I can’t even dress myself let alone do my own makeup very well.

In fact, I’m such a “bad” internet girl, that I nearly lost hope in ever making my own brand…until this year, when I realized that the advice I gave to others and instilled into brands and businesses that I launched was “be yourself and you’ll get more traffic, people can pick out someone who isn’t genuine”.

So I thought, Why am I not taking my own advice!

Sure I might not be an expert at DIY pom-pom light shade maker or a beauty expert or even someone who has always been successful at business.  Check my profile, it says “serial entrepreneur” for a reason! But, that doesn’t mean I can’t make someone smile, or offer advice from a different perspective! In fact, those different perspectives are what makes the internet (and the world) go round.

So, if you want to start a blog, or a vlog or a snapchat or an Instagram and make yourself the brand-be who you are.

Follow your heart, be you, and have a plan and I guarantee you that you’ll start seeing some results!

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