Money Tips

1. Get A New Savings Account

You know the saying “out of sight, out of mind”, and that’s the theory of getting a new savings account at another bank.  By putting your money somewhere you can’t quickly transfer it to checking you’ll be far less likely to spend it.

2. Give Your New Savings Account A Name

What do you want from your saved money? An international trip? To open your own business?  Buy a new car?  Name your savings account after your goal to remind yourself of what you’re saving for.

3. Get  A New Checking Account

My bank recently started charging me $10 because my deposits weren’t $2,000 EACH…. Like sorry I get paid weekly but…. BYE!

If your bank account is charging you ridiculous feeds leave them!

4. Try Using Only Cash For A Month

Anytime I feel like I need a money reality check I like to do an envelope budget for at least a month.  Essentially, you just label some envelopes 1-31 to represent the days of the month and put the money you’ll need in each envelope. If I don’t spend one day’s allowance, it gets passed onto the next day’s envelope.  Otherwise, when I’ve spent it- it’s gone.  No touching the bank (I even make sure big payments are set on autopay so I have no excuse to touch the account).

Eating Tips

5. Make Your Own Fancy Cultured Drinks

If you’re a Kombucha addict or you eat a lot of other cultured foods you’ll know that those foods can be really expensive.  You can save a lot of money by getting your own culture and learning how to make your own fancy Kombucha drinks.

6. Have Friends Over Instead of going out

Instead of going out to eat all the time, try inviting your friends over.  You can always do simple foods so you don’t have to really cook, or even do a potluck style and have everyone bring a dish.

7. Get Yourself Some Damn Tupperware…

Stop eating out.  Invest in some durable and versatile containers to take your own food and drinks with you.  To be honest, I bought the containers I wanted, but never started making the food, so I’m a culprit of not succeeding at this one as well! But, I’m trying to make progress this year and it WILL save me money.

8. Eat Clean

I best you never though eating clean could save you money, but guess what, it can!

Bills & Debt

9. Refinance?

Although I typically don’t recommend refinancing, it doesn’t hurt to shop around and see if you can find any great rates.

10. Getting a New Cash Back Card

If you can manage your money and pay off your cards every month you might want to consider a cash back card with at least a 2% flat amount back and you can be collecting the cash.  However, like I already mentioned this only works if you PAY YOUR CARDS OFF EVERY MONTH.  Otherwise you’re just racking up the bills.

11. Negotiate Your Bills

Any long term recurring monthly bill can be negotiated. Many companies give their sales people the liberty to knock your price down.  I’ve called my cell phone provider about three times in the last month and each time the sales people knock a few bucks off my bill… Which is ironic because it’s not what I called about. But, hey! I’ll take it.

12. Ask About Average Usage Billing

Call your power and gas providers and see if they offer average user billing.  Average user billing means your energy bill won’t fluctuate which will help with budgeting.


13. Sales Only

If you’re looking for a larger item like furniture or a very specific item, you can probably find it on sale at some point as long as you plan ahead and are patient.  For instance, school supplies (which doubles as office supplies) is on sale after school starts in the fall.

14. Book People- I See You!

Books are amazing, I totally feel you on that, but instead of buying books, check out your local library.   In some cases if they don’t’ have the book you want they will order it for you!

15. Netflix &…

I get it, we all like to be entertained, and I don’t have a problem with a cheap Netflix option over cable. However, if you’re signed up to Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Showtime… you’re spending too much on entertainment.  All of those little prices add up to BIG prices.

16. Use Kayak Explore

If you love taking vacations, use something like Kayak explore to find the best deals at the best times of the year and don’t be as picky.  You’ll still get to see an amazing part of the world and you’ll save a lot of money.

17. Be Thrifty

Used items can be found everywhere from Facebook, to Craigslist to wait for it… actual thrift stores.  In many cases you can get lots of things used for steep discounts.  The only thing to watch for is that you’re not getting those “vintage” prices.

18. Sell Your Used Goodies

There are many platforms you can sell your used clothes and other items on.  It really only takes a few minutes to list them and you could be MAKING some money.  So don’t be lazy.

19. Use a Cash Back Service

There are many services that offer cash back on your purchases. One of the most famous is Ebates.

20. Repair Your Own Clothes

Most people can learn to sew on a button or patch a small hole…. I may not be one of those people, but for the rest of you, it’s a great money saving tip!

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