From enclosed tubes overlooking stunning landscapes, to fiber glass tree cabins, to piled shipping containers, tiny hotels are getting lots of media attention for their unique architecture. These tiny but incredibly unique hotels are located throughout the world and promise to take your traveling experiences to a whole new level.

Hotel Central & Cafe (Denmark)

If you’re looking for a unique hotel experience where you can enjoy the privacy and VIP feeling of having the entire hotel for yourself, then Hotel Central and Cafe is perfect for you. This cafe and hotel literally offers only one bedroom, complete with a bathroom, television and even a mini bar! You will never forget your hotel room number on this one.

Treebones Resort (California)

The charm of this hotel is its simple but unique set up that allows guests to enjoy the amenities of staying in a hotel, but still get that outdoorsy feel of being in a camp at the same time. The Treebones Resort is popular for its yurt village where guests have their own private yurts. The “Human Nest” is another resort attraction from which you can enjoy a stunning view of the beach from, yes you guessed it, a gigantic nest. Treebones Resort offers the unique blend of warmth and excitement of being outdoor, but still has the refreshing relaxed vibe of staying in your own private space.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel (Finland)

Enjoy the view of a snow-covered landscape in the morning and marvel at the beauty of the Northern Lights at night– this is what Arctic TreeHouse Hotel takes pride in. They offer a high class hotel service experience, from their elegant cozy suites to their world-class restaurant. The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel will let you de-stress, and enjoy the beauty of nature from the comfort of your own hotel room.

Getaway House (New York)

If you’re overwhelmed with the daily grind, you can get away and camp in the woods in the Getaway House. These houses are strategically scattered in wooded areas in Massachusetts and New York. The Getaway House will allow you to camp and relax without the hassle of bringing your own tools and tents.

Contain Hotel (Czech Republic)

The Contain Hotel is a unique and practical establishment made of stacked shipping containers. It offers 5 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 13 guests. Despite the rather unique material and architecture, the contain hotel provides a cozy atmosphere and a pleasant waterfront landscape view.

Free Spirit Spheres (Canada)

Bring out the tree-hugger in you, by enjoying a stay in suspended tree houses in the rainforest of British Columbia, Canada. Free Spirit Spheres offer sturdy and resilient spherical tree houses, with wooden and functional interior. They offer three spheres that can accommodate 8 people all in all.

Tubo Tulum (Mexico)

The Tubo Tulum hotel in Mexico is an extremely unique space where your rooms are made out of concrete tubes. In this hotel, guests can enjoy fully air-conditioned rooms with wi-fi, cook their favorite food in the large kitchen, and lounge in the common area.

Autocamp (California)

Autocamp encourage its guests to listen to the wanderlust within them and enjoy the outdoors through their Airstream trailers.

Snoozebox (United Kingdom)

Ever want to have a hotel in your back yard, or the neighboring forest? — That’s the idea behind Snoozebox. They create mini accommodations out of shipping containers, which is perfect for events where guests would want to stay overnight or for a couple of days in a specific location.

El Cosmico (Texas)

Popularly known as the nomadic hotel, the El Cosmico hotel consists of comfortable trailer shelters, yurts, tepees, safari tents, and normal tents. They offer a comfortable relaxed vibe that allows guests to take a minute from their fast-paced life, disconnect, and enjoy the outdoors.

Drop Box

Drop Box allows you to be where you want to be and still enjoy a luxurious unique stay. It’s an innovative, sustainable and functional modular space that can shelter a family of four, whenever and wherever.

Fireside Resort (Wyoming)

Choose your own cabin and enjoy a cozy rustic stay in the Fireside Resort. Each cabin has a sleek, elegant architecture, a kitchen, and snuggly king-size beds so you can have a relaxing stay with the ones you love.

Manhausen Island Resort (Norway)

“Where the sea and mountains meet” The Manhausen Island Resort offers sea cabins with large glass windows, so you can relish the captivating view of the sea and mountains. Each cabin has two bedrooms, as well as their own kitchen and bathroom. During your stay, you can go diving, kayaking, cycling or climbing, during any season and enjoy the beautiful wonders of nature. And when you feel like going back to rest, you can expect to get a restful slumber in your snuggly bed in your cabin.

Bergaliv Landscape Hotel (Sweden)

If you’re planning to get away in the countryside, Bergaliv Landscape Hotel can provide you, your own private functional space. This hotel can accommodate one couple at a time. It has a simple minimalistic interior, but if you go a few steps to the large glass window, you’ll see a beautiful landscape view that can ease every ounce of stress.

The Boot Bed’n’Breakfast (New Zealand)

The Boot Bed’n’Breakfast is a cottage where you can enjoy a warm snuggly evening by the fire, and have your tea or coffee in the mini bar. It has a large bedroom with a queen-size bed, and a Juliet balcony.

The beauty in traveling is that it can make you feel excited and alive.  You can meet new people, and have new experiences that can change your life. So, if you’ve never embraced traveling, maybe this is the perfect time for you to discover yourself and explore places you’ve never seen before.

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