The thought of adding another app to your phone can be daunting. However, when it comes to your favorite furry friend, there are some must-have apps that are necessary to have at the tap of your screen. If you’re a dog owner, there are apps that you should absolutely look into and download by the end of this article, check them out below!

1. MapMyDogWalk – You’re not the only one that needs to track your steps or miles a day. MyDogWalk app makes it easy to keep up with how much exercise your dog is getting on their walks.

2. iKibble – How many times do you worry about what your dog is licking or nibbling off the floor? Use this app to look up the foreign objects or pieces of food your dog happens to sneak in its mouth and identify how healthy it is for them, if at all.

3. DogVacay – Don’t worry about scrambling to find a family member or friend to watch your dog while you go out of town, the DogVacay app connects you to certified dog sitters nearby. The best part about the app is that you can send and receive alerts in real time each day.

4. BringFido – Want to take your dog along with you on trips? Use the BringFido app to find pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and even beaches. Pups deserve a good break too, right?

5. DoggyDatez – Is your dog an “only child”? Fear not, the DoggyDatez app connects with you nearby pups for dog play dates.

6. PetDiary – No, your dog won’t be writing their inner thoughts down but this is an app that allows you to jot down memories, important pet information, and anything that comes to mind.

7. PetCoach – Stay connected with real vets and pet health experts 24/7 at the click of a button. If you ever have a question pertaining to your dog’s health, having the PetCoach app will save you a few trips to the vet.

8. DogBuddy – This app allows you to keep up with your dog’s medications, allergies, vaccinations, and visits to the vet. Store all the important information in one place and you’ll also have access to first aid instructions within the app.

9. TwinDog – It’s like Tinder but for dogs, how cool? If you’re new to town and need walking buddies or you simply want to set up more playdates for your furry friend, swipe right! You can send messages to other app users and start making new friends for your pet right away.

10. Clicker Training – Your dog can never have too much home training and you may not always have the time to train them. The Clicker training app pro videos reinforcement sounds like toy squeaks and doorbells to reinforce certain behaviors. Like all trainings, it will take time and discipline.

Whether your dog needs a new friend, you need to keep track of walks and vet visits, there’s an app for every need or fun activity. Each app is available on iTunes and Android market platforms and free to download.