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Valentine’s Gift Ideas

This year, my new year’s resolution is to dress better and feel better. So, obviously, I’ve chosen to round up some of the best Valentine’s ...
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Pretty Little Things Review

As part of my Fashion Resolution for 2018, I decided to look into buying some new clothes. I wanted to find somewhere with cheap yet ...
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100 Life Goals

This time of the year always gets me thinking about the things I want to accomplish for the upcoming year ...
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Adulting Is Hard … Or Is It?

So can we be real here for a minute? Adulting is hard. I had my life together more in high ...
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Be Intentional | Accomplishing Your Dreams

I have a confession to make. For the last several years I’ve struggled with being intentional. You see, from high ...
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College Fashion Sales For The Week Of October 20th

If you haven't heard of collegefashion.com, you should check them out they just posted the following information about sales this week and I'm stoked! Aeropostale has up to 80% off clearance, BOGO free jeans, plus $5 flat rate shipping or ...
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12 Top Books Of 2017

I haven't had much time for reading lately. But, it's one of the things I really want to start doing ...
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Netflix: What’s Leaving (and Coming) In October

I’m not going to lie, as much as I like to pretend I’m different, I’m as addicted to Netflix as ...
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Some Fun DIY Dorm Decor

I'm officially done with college, but I LOVED decorating my dorm room! Like I honestly miss having to decorate my ...
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Kitchen Essentials for the Average Girl

As someone who isn’t in the kitchen much I was ...
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3 Round Apartment Workout

Hey guys, recently I ran across this amazing workout.  It ...
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8 Reasons To Join The Tiny House Movement

I'm joining the tiny house movement! Here are 8 reasons why from Natural Living Ideas. You can read the original ...
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Rosalia Lombardo: The Mummy Who Blinks

Rosalia Lombardo is known by many names; The World’s Most Beautiful Mummy, Sleeping Beauty, The Girl In The Glass Coffin and of course: The Best Preserved Mummy In The World. Rosalia meant the world to her family, especially her father ...
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